Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Peghah Wornette

I have gone through my whole 23 years of life — well I guess more like 15 — knowing that I wanted to be part of the fashion world. It has taken me a while to figure out in what way. For a bit I tried my hand at designing a clothing label, called LE MALEK. She was a temperamental fashion child, and took up all of my time and money like most children do. Soon I realized designing was not where my heart laid. I found that I loved other designers and their creations more, and styling was the answer. I have been working as a freelance stylist for about a year now — I love having an idea or inspiration and making it come to life with clothing. I am excited to pursue this career and look forward to all the possibilities it will bring me. I hope to one day be the creative director of a magazine. I believe deeply in spirituality and positive energies even though I am a Negative Nancy by nature. As fashion is my heart, music is my soul. I have attended Coachella for the last four years and spend most of the year obsessing over it, talking about it with everyone.
current inspirations:
Fashion Gone Rogue
All the best editorials. I am constantly on there looking at what is new and what magazines and stylists and photographers are doing.
The Killing Moon
Margaux Lonnberg has this amazing effortless messy/rocker vibe to her style. Her life just seems cool/calm/badass and I always find inspiration in her blog posts and what she wears.
Nova Style
Images, editorials, and street style that somehow are all relevant to my interests.
A blog written by Eleonore Nygards, where she posts about what inspires her and what she wears. Even though her style is not necessarily the same as mine, it’s very unique and cool.


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