Thursday, October 14, 2010


Like most when the news of Alexander McQueen's death broke my heart felt so sad. His work was magnificent, he was a great artist, and when the topic of his label continuing came up I thought I would just hate it because no one could do what he did. How could someone continue his name when his work was HIM? If he is gone then that name is gone. His designs were original and from his heart and mind and I just could not wrap my head around it making sense for someone else to take his place. However (I never thought I'd say this) after viewing the 2011 collection designed by Sarah Burton, who worked alongside Alexander for 15 years, I felt comforted to see that even though it's not Alexander himself who designed those pieces, his spirit was definitely in them. I think it was smart of her to reference his past collections, a sort of respect maybe you could say. The one dress with the orange butterflies, the feathers, the sort of "alien" braided hair, the silhouettes of the full bottom structured mini dresses. It was all a little bit of him with a new twist from Sarah. I think that's what people want to see right now, they are not ready to fully let go of his vision or the looks he gave us. I think with time Sarah will be able to put even more of herself with each collection and maybe take more risks and experiment....

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