Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I had the unique experience of having one of my dreams come true, I finally got to go to Paris!!! There are no words to describe how incredible my experience was there, the people, the clothes, the food, the architecture, the almost too good to be true of it all! I am usually the first to be home sick but this trip was different, having to come home IS what was making me sick. What I loved about the city was how the women there dress in such an effortless way, it surprised me how laid back the style was yet how chic it all looked. I had packed all my best heels and ended up not needing any of it (cobblestone not good for weak ankles) but every other girl was in flats as well, so I didn't feel too bad. Flats, tights, striped top, great scarf, killer shades, amazing purse seemed to be the "everyday" look of the parisian goddesses. I found so many amazing stores to shop from there (DUHH) one of my favourites being The Kooples which is located on pretty much every corner of the city. It offered a sort of british/military/minimalist look to the wardrobe. I also got to go to the Acne store which made me fall over! I had seen the line online but never in person and I must say I have a new lover. I even made my big purchase of my trip there! (The killer new wedge ankle booties which you will see down below). I love when I find a new brand to obsess over, it's much more fun then obsessing over a new beau! And at least all you need is a credit card to make it yours...One store that just ruined me was Colette unfortunately my lack of funds kept me from buying anything other then a 3 euro lipgloss (because I just had to get something) it was just such a "cool" store. Another highlight other then shopping in Paris was going to the Fashion history section of the Louvre where they are now showing collections from the 70's and 80's. I got to see Karl Lagerfeld's first couture collection for the house of Channel and some of his work for Chloe which was stunning. If you are in the city I suggest you check it out. Okay I'm done blabbing....I think....Overall Paris is well...Paris, a place to go to when you want to be lost in your dreams. Below I have some pictures of some moments in time there, some street style and some shots of myself trying to keep up....enjoy :)   


  1. oohhhh the bags! love that everyone rocks the casual sneaks with everything. belle! and that creature in the corsette with the cigerette! swoooon.