Monday, August 23, 2010


The lovely, the oh so incredibly well dressed Anna Dello Russo. Currently the Editor At Large for Japan Vogue Anna is one of the most well dressed, most sought after women in the fashion scene. Every blogger is dying to capture a shot of her to post, she makes clothes come to life and wears them with no fear and she never wears the same thing twice. She is known for wearing looks straight off the runway, without a single button or pleat changed. I first saw this incredible women while watching Fashion Television a few months ago and I fell in love immediately. The way she spoke, the amazing things she wore, but what really sealed the deal on my love for her was when she showed her Milan apartment that was a home not for her but for her archive of clothes and jewellery! A whole apartment filled with priceless couture and pieces of clothing I can only dream of ever seeing! I mean all I thought was "This is who I want to be and what she has is exactly what I want". I can say she is a fashionable soul that I now look up to, I can only hope that I too one day will have an archive of clothing so large, so priceless that it requires it's own climate controlled apartment, and yes I do think it's okay to dream of these things. When talking about fashion week Anna was saying how she did at least 3 outfit changes per day, her exact words were "What I wore, I say Ciao". It's always nice to see and learn about a lover of the fashion arts. Ciao! 

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  1. beautiful photos, she always looks amazing!

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