Monday, June 7, 2010


Completely forgot about this night and went through my camera the other day and found these pics...I guess I forgot because the show was not worth remembering....The Virgins set was awful, we left before it was even finished....their sound was off as was their wardrobe, I mean if they played well then I really wouldn't care about what they wore but because I gave them my good money for a shit show I shall say what I want :)
Now KEYS N KRATES on the other hand was phenomenal I had never heard of them until this night and I am so glad something good came out of something so bad. They remix top hits on radio with amazing beats that completely gives the songs a whole new identity....true talent those boys hold in their hands....
The party was "circus" themed which was a bit odd, although we did get free popcorn AND cotton candy...don't you just love the girl in the pink shirt...she was such fun! The jacket I'm rocking in the last photo's are from the very talented Toronto designer Joshua Shier!

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