Monday, May 3, 2010


I don't think anyone else other then Mr. Tom Ford could have made a movie so so so so very so good looking. I don't only mean the boys, who each were more yummier then the next, but the styling in this film was stunning. One of my favourites was the young college student who wore that little cream fluffy sweater, it looked absolutely perfect on him and later when he paired it with that rustic brown leather jacket….an outfit for champions is what I would call it. Colin Firth had the perfect "mad men" look in the film, very sleek. Another favourite was the spanish Tom Ford model, even though his outfit was the classic "James Dean" ensemble it just looked so perfect it had to be recognized. 
Overall the film itself was fantastic I truly loved how beautifully every scene was captured, it was art. And as for Tom Ford I am now 100% sure he has the best taste in men. 

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