Sunday, April 25, 2010


Coachella, "Coachelly" as the great Julian Casablancas put it, was without a doubt a thrilling ride into another dimension. This being my 3rd year attending was probably the best, for many reasons I give 2010 this credit. The artists that performed this year were incredibly talented and gave off such great energies, everyone there really wanted to be there. And why wouldn't you, to see such a massive amount of people all in the same space, all loving one another, all sharing each other's passions, all there for the same purpose is an amazing thing to witness. You've never seen true human interaction at it's best until you've been to Coachella. 
Some memorable performances include Proxy's great North American debut, the crowd he drew in was wild, his set was what dirty base faces dream of. Deadmaus! oh Deadmaus and all his pretty faces, I'm pretty sure he raped me of any innocence I had left, I lost my lens cap and shirt at that show….left shaking in utter delight. She and Him were amazing, it was my first time seeing them or hearing any of their music and I was very happy I did, Zooey Deschanel's voice was that of a love bird created to be placed on this earth to whisk us away on the promise of romance. Them Crooked Vultures, they are a group of such great great musicians and really rocked out, every one of them sent chills down my spine, a true rock and roll show. The Dead Weather, Jack White and Alison Mossheart are Gods, literally, I refuse to believe they are human, they are far to great, far to beautiful and far to far for anything us mere humans could reach, I've seen both performers many times and each time they are perfection, each time I go through the grind of standing at the front of the crowd and each time I think about when I'll have the opportunity to see these blessed Gods again. I must say out of all the shows I saw my very favourite was that of Julian Casablanca's, not because I think he was the best performer or musician out of everyone else I saw, but because I've been waiting to see him for such a long time, he did such an amazing show, he was so charming with the crowd and his performance of "Hard to Explain" sent my heart pounding so erratically I thought I would drop right there, my favourite was his xmas song, can't believe how wild the crowd went for it! 
Seeing all your favourite performers/musicians/dj's whatever at Coachella is sometimes better or sometimes worse but no matter what it's always something different.
The style at Coachella as always is every fashion lovers dream to witness. There are no rules no guides it's whatever you want it to be. People get away with the most outrageous things and make it work, seeing someone painted in blue head to toe is completely normal! Feathers, glitter, dresses, kilts, bikinis, nipple covers anything goes! 
I really tried to find all kinds of style on this trip, I tried to open my mind to seeing not just something that looks nice or what I would prefer, but instead to see how people put certain things together not only to look different/cool/unique but most of all to beat the blistering heat. It's hard using minimal articles of clothing and make it have an impact, but fashionista's know how to use what they are given, and they used it well this year. 
The best part of the whole event was doing it  with my love Manisha Jagga, my partner in crime for all 3 years of Coachelly,  god bless her hight and amazing eye for helping me get some great shots! It's not easy for a 5'5 gal to get good pictures whilst drowning in a sea of people. 

Until next year………… yes I'm already counting………

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